Chapter Officers
Full Name Title Branch
Mr. John Dunton, PWLF President Florida
Mr. Benjamin R. Lennon President (Branch) Big Bend
Mr. David S. Wilkison, PE President (Branch) Central
Ms. Kelly Jenkins President (Branch) Emerald Coast
Mr. Aaron Scott Mellon President (Branch) Gold Coast
Ms. Lisa Sterling, Lisa Sterling President (Branch) Northeast
Mr. Thomas C. Strom President (Branch) Santa Fe
Mrs. Lee Ann Luhrs President (Branch) South Florida
Mr. Raymond D. Flynn President (Branch) Southwest
Arne M. Lash, CCM President (Branch) Sun Coast
Mr. Robert Carlson President (Branch) Treasure Coast
Mr. Troy D. McCain President (Branch) West Coast
Mr. Ovelio A. Ruiz, CFM President Elect Florida
Mr. Justin R. Hetu President Elect (Branch) Central
Mrs. Amy M. Blaida, MPA Past President Florida
Mr. William J. Anderson Past President (Branch) West Coast
Mr. Jamie B. Brown Vice President Florida
Mr. Marc Hinson MacLean Vice President (Branch) Emerald Coast
Mr. Gregory Caldwell Vice President (Branch) Northeast
Mr. Darren L. Park Vice President (Branch) Santa Fe
Ms. Beatriz Alvarez Vice President (Branch) South Florida
Mr. Jason L. Swack Vice President (Branch) Southwest
Mr. Mike W. Elfers, PE Vice President (Branch) Sun Coast
Mr. Joseph Velardo Vice President (Branch) Treasure Coast
Mr. Dale Laird Vice President (Branch) West Coast
Ms. Althea C. Parrish Secretary Florida
Ms. Amy Dice Secretary (Branch) Big Bend
Ms. Angela M. Lawrence Secretary (Branch) Central
Mrs. Vonda L. Hester Secretary (Branch) Emerald Coast
Mr. Isaac Kovner, PE Secretary (Branch) Gold Coast
Mr. Thomas N. Fallin Secretary (Branch) Northeast
Mr. Dekova T. Batey Secretary (Branch) Santa Fe
Earl King, III, Consultant Secretary (Branch) South Florida
Leah Holmes Secretary (Branch) Southwest
Ms. Susan K. Raines Secretary (Branch) Sun Coast
Ms. Edith Majewski Secretary (Branch) Treasure Coast
Mrs. Jennifer Nolen Secretary (Branch) West Coast
Mr. Richard Keeney, PWLF Treasurer Florida
Mr. Joseph P. Sisk Treasurer (Branch) Big Bend
Ms. Althea C. Parrish Treasurer (Branch) Central
David O. Campbell Treasurer (Branch) Emerald Coast
Mrs. Marcy Cook Treasurer (Branch) Northeast
Mr. Nathan L. Dodge Treasurer (Branch) Santa Fe
Mr. Todd Hiteshew Treasurer (Branch) South Florida
Mr. Thomas J. Pugh, PE Treasurer (Branch) Southwest
Ms. Nancy Brooking Treasurer (Branch) Sun Coast
Mr. Frank Knott Treasurer (Branch) Treasure Coast
Ms. Wei Liu Treasurer (Branch) West Coast
Mr. Jon C. Yarbrough, CPM Director Big Bend
Mr. Mike E. McCabe, CSM, PE Director Central
Mr. Keith C. Bryant, PE, PTOE Director Emerald Coast
Mr. Joey V. Duncan, PE Director Northeast
Ms. Lisa J. Baker Director Santa Fe
Mr. Mark E. Collins, PWLF Director (Branch) South Florida
Mr. Patrick J. Day Director Southwest
Mr. Richard C. Perkins Director Treasure Coast
Mr. Robert C. Nowak Director West Coast

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