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Florida has been hard hit in the current economic downturn and APWA members are no exception. Cutbacks in Public Works have left many agencies short of manpower and underfunded. The Florida Chapter of APWA recognizes the need for cutbacks in government spending. However, we are concerned about the ability of our cities, municipalities and counties to function effectively at greatly reduced budget levels, impacting our abilities to provide:
• Acceptable levels of public services (transportation, utilities, community functions) to taxpayers
• Maintenance of Florida’s aging infrastructure, every $1.00 spent on preventative maintenance saves $7.00 to $10.00 over reconstruction costs
• Emergency response to natural disasters, such as hurricanes

The Florida Chapter of APWA has adopted the following position statements regarding public works:
• INFRASTRUCTURE FUNDING - WE SUPPORT increased funding in Florida’s infrastructure. Significant investment is needed to help reverse years of decay and such investment will lead to the creation of thousands of jobs. Studies show that every $1.00 invested in transportation infrastructure yields $5.50 in positive economic activity.
• STATE TRANSPORTATION TRUST FUND - WE OPPOSE any effort to further divert revenues from the state transportation trust fund for non-transportation purposes. We also oppose dedicating anymore than the current 65% level of funding for Strategic Inter-model Systems (SIS) facilities.
• WATER - WE SUPPORT alternative water supply programs. Water infrastructure projects also stimulate economic development and create jobs. It is estimated that for every $1.00 invested in water supply projects there is a $7.00 return on investment.

The Florida Chapter of APWA would like to thank you for your continued support of public infrastructure in Florida and offer to:
• Partner with the Florida Legislature in developing a solution(s) to meet our fiscal responsibilities and continued investment in our public infrastructure.
• Provide expertise in reviewing critical public works related issues that may come before the Florida Legislature, offering analysis of potential impacts and testimony.

The Florida Chapter of APWA Legislative Affairs Committee attends various legislative meetings and conferences in addition to meeting with Legislators. Our task is to stay informed on legislative affairs throughout the state. We provide State Legislators with perspective on the affect of legislation and funding decisions on local governments. Additionally we team with other Associations with shared philosophies to provide feedback in the political process. 

The committee expends minimal of funds throughout the year. Below is a list of various conferences the committee typically attends.
• Florida Association of Counties Legislative Conference Cost: Free
• Florida Engineering Society Legislative Days Cost: $320.00

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