The Chapter Auditing Committee reviews the Chapter’s books at the end of the calendar year. The Committee also reviews and certifies the annual chapter financial report as prepared by the Chapter Treasurer. The Committee is comprised of at least three chapter members who are appointed by the chapter President. NOTE: Any chapter officer with the authority to sign checks should NOT serve on this committee.

The Chapter Auditing Committee examines at least the following documents: checkbooks, ledgers and other books of accounts, bank statements, receipted bills for expenses and authorizations for the expenditures; pertinent papers and documents, letters of transmittal, and an inventory of the chapter’s physical property. The responsibilities go beyond checking the Treasurer’s addition and extend to a thorough and necessary review of the chapter’s financial record keeping and control systems. 

The audit functions are essential to the effective operation of the chapter. The duties of the committee include:
- Examination of canceled checks, accounting for numerical sequence and examining endorsements;
- Review of bank statements and reconciliation; and
- Examination of documents supporting disbursements.

The current Audit Committee consists of Paul Moore (Chairman), Mark Juliano and Althea Parrish.

    Total Member : 3
  • Mr. Paul R. Moore, (retired)
  • Mr. Mark T. Juliano, PWLF
  • Ms. Althea C. Parrish

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