Marketing and Social Media

The Committee develops and recommends all policies pertaining to the marketing of the Florida Chapter APWA, including development and assessment of a comprehensive marketing strategy for the recruitment of members in the corporate, professional and students’ areas, formulation of a marketing schedule, and development of all marketing materials. The Committee will oversee the implementation of approved policies.

The Chapter uses social media to build a sense of community and to rapidly communicate directly to stakeholders and the general public. This policy has been developed to address the fast-changing landscape of the internet and the way people receive their information. Social Media provides opportunities for the Chapter to attract a broader audience, in addition to creating a social network allowing for members, vendors and visitors to receive information and participate in the Chapter in an innovative and creative way. These service are intended to enhance communications but not to diminish or circumvent existing processes. The demographic profile of the intended target audience combined with the Chapter's purpose and goal of the social media initiative are the primary considerations on which to determine the appropriate use of social media. Chapter social media must align with the Chapter's business goals and objectives.

    Total Member : 2
  • Ms. Arnesa Zunic
  • Mrs. Jennifer Nolen
APWA FLORIDA Template2.docx APWA FLORIDA Template2.docx
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Social Media Practice 082011.pdf Social Media Practice 082011.pdf
APWA Florida 2012-2013 Marketing Plan.pdf APWA Florida 2012-2013 Marketing Plan.pdf
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