The APWA Florida Chapter Bylaws Committee (Bylaws Committee) maintains the official text of the bylaws for the Florida Chapter of the APWA (FL Chapter), the Scholarship Trust of the FL Chapter, and the eleven branches of the FL Chapter. The Bylaws Committee conducts periodic reviews of the bylaws for currency, studies problems concerning the bylaws, interprets bylaws questions, drafts proposed bylaws amendments, and proposes solutions to bylaws related problems as requested by APWA National, FL Chapter Executive Committee, FL Chapter President, FL Chapter membership, or as performed on its own initiative. The Bylaws Committee serves as a liaison for presenting proposed bylaws amendments for the necessary approvals at both the Chapter and National levels.
    Total Member : 1
  • Mr. Thomas J. Pugh, PE
FLChapterBylaws-FinalProposed-04-19-15.pdf FLChapterBylaws-FinalProposed-04-19-15.pdf

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