Florida Chapter History

The Florida Chapter marked its official beginning at the inaugural meeting held in the Cherry Plaza Hotel in Orlando, FL on May 6th, 1960. At this meeting, the first officers were elected and the by-laws were adopted.

A history of the American Public Works Association Florida Chapter is now available for viewing. The document(s) can be accessed through the attachments.

1967.pdf 1967.pdf
2000.pdf 2000.pdf
1961.pdf 1961.pdf
2001.pdf 2001.pdf
1985.pdf 1985.pdf
1970.pdf 1970.pdf
1964.pdf 1964.pdf
1983.pdf 1983.pdf
1990.pdf 1990.pdf
1977.pdf 1977.pdf
1986.pdf 1986.pdf
1993.pdf 1993.pdf
1991.pdf 1991.pdf
1994.pdf 1994.pdf
1993.pdf 1993.pdf
1969.pdf 1969.pdf
time-zone-map.jpg time-zone-map.jpg
1984.pdf 1984.pdf
1992.pdf 1992.pdf
1994(1).pdf 1994(1).pdf
1978.pdf 1978.pdf
2009-2010.doc 2009-2010.doc
1987.pdf 1987.pdf
1973.pdf 1973.pdf
1998.pdf 1998.pdf
1997.pdf 1997.pdf
1976.pdf 1976.pdf
1975.pdf 1975.pdf
1999.pdf 1999.pdf
1971.pdf 1971.pdf
1988.pdf 1988.pdf
1960.pdf 1960.pdf
1980.pdf 1980.pdf
1981.pdf 1981.pdf
2003.pdf 2003.pdf
1979.pdf 1979.pdf
1966.pdf 1966.pdf
1972.pdf 1972.pdf
APWA history.The First 10 Years.pdf APWA history.The First 10 Years.pdf
1988(1).pdf 1988(1).pdf
2005.pdf 2005.pdf
1995.pdf 1995.pdf
1996.pdf 1996.pdf
2004.pdf 2004.pdf
1974.pdf 1974.pdf
1965.pdf 1965.pdf
2002.pdf 2002.pdf
1989.pdf 1989.pdf
1968.pdf 1968.pdf
1982.pdf 1982.pdf

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